Golf Grip Trainer

Size: One-size (18 x 4 x 3.5 cm)

Colour: Black/Red

Material: Plastic

Weight: 32g


  • Perfect Grip Position - Allows the golfer to achieve the perfect grip position
  • Muscle Memory - Can help to generate muscle memory for correct hand placement
  • Fits most grips
  • Perfect for pre-round/range sessions

£ 9.99tax incl.

Pure 2 Improve - Golf Grip Trainer

Whether you are new to golf or still searching for that instinctive perfect grip, Pure 2 Improve Golf Grip Trainer is perfect to help you achieve this.

Due to the perfectly calculated design of Pure 2 Improve’s Golf Grip Trainer’s hand and finger positioning, through practising, it develops your muscle memory which results in a perfect instinctive grip and hand position.

The design of the product caters to provide less discomfort than other grip trainers, helping avoid potential blisters. It is sized to be pocket friendly, which means it can easily be stored way. It is designed for righthanded golfers and fits standard sized grips.

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