Resistant Cord

Size: 2.4m Flexi-cord (6.51m Max Stretch) 

Colour: Red/Black

Material: 60% PP Webbing, 15% Iron, 15% Latex Tubing and 10% Fabric.

Weight: 1.2kg


  • Build strength and conditioning for sprinting and change of direction
  • 360-degrees rotation belt with free-motion ring allows you to move in any direction
  • Includes: belt, Flexi-cord, attachment leash, safety handle, storage bag

£ 71.99tax incl.

Resistant Cord

Pure2Improves Resistant Cord is an amazing piece of equipment which allows you to maximize motions that are specific to your sport during resistance & assistance training!

With its Unique flexi-cord that stretches against your movement to build strength, it allows you to build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling and change of direction.

The Resistant Cord comes with a 2.4m flexi-cord which safely stretches up to 6.51m, providing you with maximum optimisation for resistance training.

It comes with a - 360-degrees rotation belt with a free-motion ring, which allows you to move in any direction, therefore opening you up to endless possibilities of workouts to incorporate in the Pure2Improve Resistant Cord.


Belt, flexi-cord attachment leash, safety handle, storage bag

Demonstration Video:

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