Strength Set (x5 pieces)

Contains: 2 Handgrip trainers, 2 Push-up bars and 1 Exercise training wheel 


  • Training with handgrips gives good grip and strength in the forearms
  • Using the bars during push ups allows you to go deeper, enabling a larger part of the chest muscles
  • Exercise wheels provide extremely effective training of the stomach, shoulder and upper back

£ 27.99tax incl.

Strength Set (x5 pieces)

Pure2Improves' Strength Set provides you with 5 pieces of equipment to develop your muscles and build up your strength effectively and comfortably, whether that be at home or at the gym.

With the Strength set you get 5 pieces of equipment; 2 handgrip trainers, 2 push-up bars and 1 exercise training wheel.

What are the Benefits of each piece of equipment?


  • Designed for building finger, hand, wrist and arm muscles
  • For flexing and extending
  • Help relieve stress


  • Perfect for push ups
  • Helps work your pectoral and arm muscles


  • Strengthens the abs
  • Improves posture and stability
  • Helps reduce back pain
  • Works secondary muscles, like shoulders, legs and arms

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