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Slide Trainer

Size: 140x45x10cm

Colour: Red/White

Material: Nylon/Plastic/Aluminum

Weight: 3.6kg


  • Develops your lateral strength, power and endurance
  • Improves balance, agility, speed and flexibility
  • Has a slippery, ice-like surface making it ideal for proprioception and balance training
  • Non-slip reinforced rubber underlay holds firm on floors and carpets
  • Speed Booties Included (1 pair)

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Slide Trainer

This Slide Trainer is a great addition to ANY home gym!

The Slide Trainer Improves your balance, agility, speed and flexibility. Lateral movements performed on the Slide Trainer helps to improve strength, core stability and agility as well as developing lateral strength, power and endurance. This Slide Trainer is a unique fitness training product that enhances performance for recreational users and athletes, when used in regular exercise routines.

The Slide Trainer is a popular addition to your personal workout routine, whether at home, or at the gym! The Slide Trainer is an ideal piece of equipment for off-ice training for hockey players, figure skaters, speed skaters and freestyle skate skiers. This Slide Trainer has a slippery, ice-like, surface which makes it ideal for proprioception and balance training. Pro hockey players and other skating professionals use Slide Trainers for injury rehabilitation and physical therapy. Gain greater confidence in your performance, flexibility, mobility and overall fitness through using the Slide Trainer within your training.

The Slide Trainer has many features, such as:

  • A Solid core polymer board constructed with an extremely slick "fresh ice-like" top surface.
  • Biomechanically correct end ramps that adjust in one-foot increments.
  • Non-slip reinforced rubber underlay that holds firm on floor or carpet.
  • The Slide Trainer also comes with 1 pair of Gliding Shoes.

Demonstration Video:

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