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Agility Ladder
  • Agility Ladder
  • Agility Ladder
  • Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder

Size: 450cm (Length) 45cm (Width)

Colour: Black/Width

Material: Plastic

Weight: 850g


  • Includes 11 Rungs, 4 pegs and carry bag
  • Used by top athletes and teams worldwide to improve footwork
  • Ideal training aid to improve coordination, reaction & speed
  • Invaluable for any athlete, or a simple tool for fitness



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Agility Ladder

Pure2Improves Agility ladder is beneficial for athletes of all sports, such as football, rugby, hockey, cricket, basketball etc.

Pure2Improves Agility Ladder includes 11 Rugs, amounting to a total length of 450cm and 45cm. It comes with 4 pegs, to ensure a secure setup, as well as a carry bag to ensure easy transport. The agility ladder can be used indoors or outside and is really easy to maintain and keep clean due to the material of the rungs.

Why should I buy an agility ladder?

It Improves Speed, Agility and Quickness: 

These three factors not only improve your athletic performance in other sports and activities but can help boost your fitness level for virtually any type of workout you do!
 • Speed: your ability to move in one direction as fast as possible 
Agility: your ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change directions
Quickness: your ability to react or switch positions rapidly

It is Great for your Hearts Health:

Performing Agility ladder drills get your heart pumping and are a great form of cardio. Getting your heart rate up through cardiovascular exercise is a great way to keep your heart healthy and strong.

It Burns Loads of Calories: As the agility ladder drills are a great form of cardio, they also burn loads of calories! Agility ladder drills are considered a type of high-intensity interval training. By going “all-out” in short bursts of intense effort and then taking a brief pause, you typically blast fat and burn more calories than you would do doing most lower-intensity, steady-state cardio activities.

Demonstration Video:

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